On a FOXBOX terminal, a user chooses a service to pay for, enters required data (e.g., the number of telephone you need to top-up, e-mail of PayPal e-wallet, bank account etc.) and inserts the money. FOXBOX terminal via an encrypted connection contacts the server of a service provider (mobile operator, e-wallet or any other service provider), transmits the data entered, and then the service provider refills the user’s account. Usually, it takes several seconds to several minutes to complete. When the server of a service provider has processed the data received, the user is able to use the refilled account or transferred money at once. Everything is simple, safe and fast!
FOXBOX terminals accept payments in euros only.

Dear users, following the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, a payment institution must verify person’s identity if the person executes a transaction or several transactions exceeding EUR 600 per day, or transactions, the amount of which exceeds EUR 10000 per month. Such a person must produce a personal identity document (ID) and his/her real photograph via e-mail: info@foxbox.lt.

If you have made a payment or multiple related payments in the self-service terminal of 600 EUR or more, or you have provided information that may be incorrect, payment will be suspended, and you will receive a notification that you must complete the identification procedure. Please contact our customer service department in the contacts indicated in the notice and provide your payment details and your full name. Soon, you will be provided with links for the identification procedure. Once your identification has been completed, your payment will be executed.

During the identification process, we may ask you for any other information or documents necessary for the proper conduct of the procedure.

Identification is performed in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the Republic of Lithuania, Regulation (EU) 2015/847 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2015, and strict compliance with the “Know Your Customer” principle.

FOXBOX terminals accept payments in euros only.

FOXBOX terminal will transmit instantly information on the data and amounts of money entered by you to a service operator. In fact, the time at which your money reaches the account to be topped-up depends on busyness of operator servers. Usually, it takes about one minute to complete*. If you have entered your phone number, you will be informed on a successful refill by an SMS message. More information on service fees and topping-up time is available on a FOXBOX terminal after choosing a required service.

Sometimes, Paysafecard PIN codes acquired in Lithuania are not accepted on certain electronic websites.
You may find websites accepting Paysafecard PIN codes acquired in Lithuania here.

I have topped-up my mobile phone account, yet the money not reached it. What should I do?

You should check the cheque received: whether you have entered all data correctly. If you have entered the data incorrectly, contact us. And, if you have entered correctly, wait a minute. Sometimes servers of operators are overloaded and refill money reaches the users later. If within several hours your account has not been topped-up, contact us and we will solve the problem.

I, while topping-up my mobile phone account, entered an incorrect phone number. What should I do?

If you have entered an incorrect phone number while topping-up your mobile account, call us by helpline phone, indicated on the cheque, or send an e-mail to the address info@foxbox.lt. If the phone number entered by you is not active, we will correct the payment and your account will be refilled.

I have topped-up my PayPal payment account, yet the money not appeared in my account. What should I do?

Make sure that you have entered a correct e-mail address. If the address is correct, check your e-mail box whether you have received a letter from PayPal. If you top-up your account for the first time, you must accept the payment, this can be done in your PayPal account, History column. If you have entered the e-mail address correctly and no information on your account refill is visible, and the money has not reached your account within 24 hours, call us by helpline telephone or send an e-mail. We will help you to solve your problem.

I have topped-up my PayPal account, yet I am not able to make a payment for the goods. What should I do?

There are electronic shops using credit cards for PayPal payment. In this case, you can make a payment from a credit card account or debit card account only. Ask the shop assistant to provide you with the address of shop‘s PayPal account and make an ordinary money transfer.

I have topped-up my WebMoney account, yet I received a message that my payment failed. What should I do?

If you have received a Short Message, stating that your payment failed, it is most likely that you have inserted refill amount greater that your WebMoney wallet allows. Each time when topping-up the account takes place, we check the maximum possible refill amount and show it to you on the terminal screen. Do not exceed this amount. In the case, you nevertheless inserted an exceeding amount, contact us by helpline phone or via e-mail, we will help you to solve the problem you face.

I have topped-up my bank account, yet the money has not reached the recipient. What should I do?

Check your payment cheque, make sure that you have entered all necessary data correctly. It is important to enter correctly bank account number of the recipient of funds and his/her given name and family name. Also, real given name and family name of fund sender must be entered, and his/her contact phone number as well. In the box of information on fund sender, you cannot enter any passwords, initials or other data. If the data has been entered incorrectly, the transfer will not reach the recipient.
If you have made an error or entered the data incorrectly, contact us via e-mail or by the helpline phone, the number of which is available on the payment cheque.

PayPal refund.

If you want to reclaim money paid through PayPal because the amount paid has not reached your account or an existing account of other person, contact us by phone or via e-mail or fill out the online form to request a refund.
If you want to reclaim money paid through PayPal, and the amount paid has reached your account, log in to your account and perform operation of money refund (Refund). After making a refund, fill out the online form to request a refund or come to our office.

Important! Money will be returned after deducting PayPal top-up commission fee.

Some services through FOXBOX terminals are free of charge. You may top-up your mobile account, acquire Bitcoin virtual currency, pay for Faberlic order and other for free.
There are paid services provided through the terminals as well, e.g., bank account refill costs EUR 0.87, Webmoney commission fee is 6%, PayPal 9%, payment for topping-up mobile account is EUR 0.29.
The price of each service is specified in the payment box on a terminal.