To keep a cash register at a company does cost. Sometimes, it has even detrimental effect to the company; therefore, innovative companies pass the function of cash registers to self-service cash registers. This could be cost saving to a company, at the same time the time of its employees and customers also can be saved.

A self-service cash register is a customized self-service payment terminal to meet your company‘s needs and a special software developed according to your needs. Design of self-service facilities and user interface may be created matching the style of your company.

The following are main functions of a self-service cash register:

  • Accepts cash;
  • Gives change;
  • Prints out payment cheques.

Additional functions of a self-service cash register:

  • Accepts payments by bank cards;
  • Accepts payments by NFC cards;
  • Accepts payments through PayPal system;
  • Issues various type and format cards;
  • Prints out documents or tickets (up to format A4);
  • Provides reservation of seats.

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